Sunday, March 10, 2013

In the beginning...

Once upon a time I decided to start a blog. And then I failed to update it on a regular basis so it kind of just faded from memory. My memory that is. It's floating around in cyberspace somewhere I'm sure. Lesson #1: The internet never forgets. Kim Kardashian and her second trimester peplum pants would best remember that.

I've tried a few times over the years to reignite the idea, but then important stuff came up. Like The Cosby Show marathons on TVTropolis and saving my oldest child from her own sense of self-destruction.

I can't make any farfetched promises, like that I'll update this every other day or that I'll post one great craft to do with your kids each week. Which is just as well because I have an attention span of roughly three minutes and 16 seconds for anything involving a glue gun, glitter or foam sheets. I will promise that I'll just try to share whatever place I'm at at the given time. Which six times out of 10, will likely involve liquid motivation containing 11% inspiration that was crafted somewhere in South America or Kelowna.Cheers!

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