About Me

One too many snarky Facebook updates, and a few friends suggested I take my observations to a blog. I think they thought it would spare them the status updates, but then I went and set up a page for just that purpose. Well that clearly backfired.

I'm Tamara. I'm no longer in my 20s, I love words, commas, good coffee and bad television. I talk way too much and if I don't mortify my mom on social media and cause her to question the kind of girl she raised at least once a week, I feel like I've failed to do my job.

I have one husband (Mr. T), two kids (Shooter, born in 2009 and Little Dude, born in 2012), one dog and a merry crew of inner demons. They're kind of assholes (The demons. Not my lovely family). Most of the time, I am fueled by coffee or wine. I love to play hard and laugh harder. I took up running in the spring of 2010 so I could at least be productive while fighting it out with the voices in my head telling me I'm getting it all wrong.

My blog is my space to say what I'm feeling and thinking at any given  moment. You are all my therapists, but I don't have to pay you $125 an hour.

Welcome to my world. Please watch your step and don't trip over the sarcastic tone.